Distribution of driving license will start from Bara



March 13, 2024 6:11 pm

Simara: The traffic management office at Kalaiya in Bara, is going to start distribution of driving license. Previously, only vehicle registration and license renewal were done from Kalaiya’s office. Nawaz Hussain, the head of the office, informed that with the establishment of the office on Mangsir 25, the responsibility of distribution of licenses was given for the first time.

He said that the office has got the right to distribute licenses for light vehicles like motorcycles, scooties, jeeps, cars, auto rickshaws and tractors. According to the office, a policy has been taken to distribute light vehicle licenses at first and gradually distribute all types of vehicle licenses. Hussain informed that along with the progress of the licensing work, the process of opening the application for the license has also been completed.

A vehicle trial center has been constructed at Kalaiya 3 Gangapur near the office. Hussain, the head of the office, said that the vehicle trial center has been brought into operation without any burden on the Nepal government.

Earlier, as the Transport Office Kalaiya Bara did not have the authority to issue license, the service users of Bara district had to go to Birgunj.