Alam family’s anger: “First happiness was taken away, now justice is taken away”



September 23, 2022 3:40 pm

Simara: After the release of Ramchandra Pyasi, who was serving a life sentence for the murder of CPN-UML’s Mahmud Alam, the victim’s family became angry. Pyasi was released from prison on Monday after the President released the prison on the recommendation of the government.

Alam’s family and locals have become angry after Pyasi, who was the main planner of the murder, was released from jail. The family says that by taking away the justice received from the court, the government has caused more pain to the victims.

Alam’s family and local residents staged a protest on Tuesday, expressing their displeasure over the release of Pyasi from jail. In the protest demonstration held in Parwanipur, the families and locals expressed their anger saying that justice was being sought for the victims by protecting the perpetrators.

First, our family’s happiness was taken away. Now the justice we got has been taken away’ said a member of the Alam family.

Alam, who is also the central chairman of Muslim Ittehad organization of CPN-UML, was murdered on 18 Asoy 2070.

Alam was shot by a person who came on a motorcycle while he was walking in the election campaign. Alam, who was injured by a bullet, died on Asoj 24th during treatment in Kathmandu.

After Alam’s death, UML gave his wife Nezma Alam the title. Nezma was elected in that election.

The main planner of the Alam murder was Pyasi. After the 2064 Constituent Assembly election from the CPN-UML, Pyasi, who was a proportional member of parliament, hatched a plan to kill Alam after not getting a ticket in the 2070 election. After the UML gave Alam the ticket, the next day after he registered his candidacy, Pyasi used a weapon to shoot Alam.

The Central Investigation Bureau of Nepal Police, which started the investigation after Alam’s murder, arrested Payasi from Simara on 9th Kartik 2070. In his plan, other persons named Manoj Pandey, Bipin Yadav, Atiq Khan and Raju Srivastava shot at Alam. Although Pyasi is free from jail, others are serving their sentences.

The High Court sentenced Pyasi and the motorcyclist pandey to life imprisonment and the others to 10 years in prison.