Branch manager of SBI Bank arrested on the charge of killing his wife



September 25, 2022 7:30 pm

Simara: Bara police have arrested the manager of SBI Bank’s Sripur branch in Birgunj on the charge of murdering his wife. Dipendra Prasad Jaiswar of Kalaiya sub-metropolitan city 1 was arrested by the police on the charge of beating his wife to death.

Jaiswar, who has been torturing her for a long time for not giving her a car as dowry, beat up Pinky with the help of his family and the police arrested him with the conclusion that she died during the treatment. Jaiswar had beaten up Pinky in a house in Motibagh on 18th Bhadra.

Pinky was beaten up by her father-in-law Murari Jaiswar, mother-in-law Manthura devi and uncle-in-law Jagat Prasad Jaiswar along with her husband Dipendra. Although the police arrested Dipendra, the other members of the family were not taken into custody.

A complain has been made to the police that all the members of the family beat Pinky . She was seriously injured in the beating and was taken home after receiving general treatment at a clinic in Birgunj. Dipendra’s family took her to the advanced hospital in Birgunj on Bhadra 27 after Pinky’s health deteriorated at home due to a serious head injury.

As treatment was not possible in advance, the doctor refer her to Chitwan. After being referred from Chitwan too, Pinky was taken to Medicity Hospital in Kathmandu. Pinky, who was undergoing treatment at Medicity, died on Asoj 2 in the hospital bed.

After Pinky’s death, her relatives have been demanding action against Dipendra’s family saying that it was a planned murder. The police arrested Dipendra after the complaint of the family. Bara Superintendent of Police Hobindra Bogati said that since the incident is of a serious nature, strict action will be taken against the culprits.

According to Pinky’s brother Manish, Pinky, who lives in Bharatpur Metropolitan City 1, got married on 14th Mansir 2067. At the time of marriage, Dipendra took 40 Lakh cash and 10 kg of gold with Pinky’s family.

According to the relatives, Dipendra, who took a large amount of dowry, has been torturing Pinky since then. After Pinky gave birth to a daughter as her first child, the torture on her was increasing. Dipendra had been pressuring Pinky to get a car. But Pinky had been denying that Maiti was not in a position to give the car.

Pinky, who has been enduring pressure for a long time, gave birth to a son as her second child. She has a 10-year-old daughter and a seven-year-old son. Pinky, who has been suffering continuously over the issue of dowry, had also filed a complaint saying that there was domestic violence on Mansir 4, 2075.