Actor Khadka watched ‘Prem Geet 3’ with the audience at KSR Movies in Simara



September 28, 2022 10:49 am

Simara: Actor Pradeep Khadka watched the movie with the audience at KSR Movies in Simara on Monday. KSR Movies, which came into operation with the screening of Nepali movie Prem Geet 3.

KSR movies was inaugurated before the screening of Prem Geet 3. The cinema house, which was built at a cost of nearly 18 crore, was inaugurated by the film crew of Prem Geet 3 along with the actor Khadka, former Labour, Employment and Social Security Minister Kisan Shrestha, outgoing provincial assembly member Shobha Lama, Chief District Officer of Bara Krishna Bahadur Katuwal, comedians Kiran KC, Sandeep Kshetri and others.

In the inaugural program, Actor Khadka expressed his happiness that a well-equipped cinema house has come into operation outside the capital. Actor Khadka said that the movie Prem Geet 3 has succeeded in making Nepal known all over the world. After the opening of the cinema, Actor Khadka sat with the audience and watched the film. Actress Christina Gurung, director Santosh Sen and other artists participated with him.

KSR cinema is the first cinema in Simara which has been operated with the investment of Simara businessmen Kasim Miya, Rosit Unnithan, Rajan Upreti and Sudeep Lama. Earlier, viewers had to go to Birgunj and Hetauda to watch movies from this area. The businessmen who started a business center in Simara with an investment of crores of rupees have brought a cinema house with two screens into operation.

During the inauguration of the cinema, former Labour, Employment and Social Security Minister Shrestha said that the opening of a cinema house in the city-oriented Simara is a matter of pride not only for movie lovers but for the entire region. He said that the attraction of investors is increasing in Simara, which is being transformed into a developed city.

The Chief District Officer of Bara, Katuwal, said that along with business, the cinema house will help to make Simara known as a city with facilities. In the program, former filmmaker Yuvraj Lama, comedian Kiran KC and Sandeep Chhetri said that despite the challenges, the businessmen of Simara are hopeful that the investment made in the film sector will achieve success.

The movie dubbed in Nepali and Hindi languages ​​was screened simultaneously at KSR cinema house. The audience was very excited to watch the much awaited movie with the team of actors. One of the businessmen lama told that the cinema house will now operate regularly with the opening.