Pachrauta’s municipal assembly held with priority given to education, health and agriculture



October 2, 2022 7:40 pm

Simara: The ninth Municipal Assembly of Pachrauta Municipality was concluded on Friday. After a long period of uncertainty, the Municipal Assembly has passed policies and programs and a budget of nearly 63 crores.

The administrative work of the municipality was affected due to the absence of the city assembly, and they were not able to provide salary facilities to the employees, teachers, and health workers. Mayor Jalandhar Singh said that with the completion of the Municipal Assembly, the development work will proceed with salary facilities.

Mayor Singh has announced that the municipality will be made a tax-free zone by the Municipal Assembly. Apart from this, the municipality will pay the arrears of the agricultural meters installed by the farmers, provide subsidy for the sowing of wheat, give 10 lakh scholarships to MBBS students, give 1000 nutritional allowance to pregnant women, give 50% discount to senior citizens in city hospitals, provide free ambulance services to city residents, etc. Singh said that policies and programs covering the region have been presented.

Singh has said that now the program will be focused on development in Pachrauta, saying that he has completed the council by breaking the conspiracy to prevent the newly elected people’s representatives from working. Deputy Chief Nasima Khatun, Acting Chief Administrative Officer Gauri Sah and elected public representatives were present in the Municipal Assembly.

Laxmi Yadav, president of Ward No. 5, presented the policy and program in the city assembly, while Vinay Singh, president of Ward No. 1 and others gave congratulatory speeches.