ATM service of Agriculture Development Bank started in Simara



June 15, 2022 3:19 pm

Simara: Agriculture Development Bank has started its ATM service in Simara. The bank has started ATM service almost three decades after its establishment.

The ATM service was inaugurated by Bhola Prasad Adhikari, Deputy Chief of Jeetpursimaara Sub-Metropolis and Anil Kumar Upadhyaya, Chief Executive Officer of the Bank. The bank’s ATM service is located at the main intersection of Simara.

After the inauguration of the ATM service, Deputy Chief Officer and Executive Officer Upadhyaya addressed a program organized at the bank’s office. Addressing the program, the Deputy Chief Officer expressed happiness over the additional services provided by the bank for the convenience of the service recipients.

Deputy Chief Officer said that farmer and farmer targeted programs can be conducted by cooperating between the sub-metropolis and the bank. Stating that he has just taken over the responsibility of the sub-metropolis, the official said that he will move ahead by cooperating with the bank to move the program forward to help the agriculture sector and farmers.

Speaking on the occasion, Upadhyaya, Executive Officer of the Bank, said that the Agriculture Development Bank has been expanding its services. He said that the bank has recently started investing in other sectors besides agriculture and farmer targeted services. “Along with agriculture, we are expanding our services,” said Upadhyay.

Chief Executive Officer Upadhyaya said that the bank is expanding its services to end the situation where the service recipients who do other business with agriculture have to go elsewhere for work other than agriculture. On the occasion, Upadhyaya had discussions with industrialists, businessmen, cooperative workers and other personalities about the effectiveness of the service.

The program was attended by Deputy General Manager of the Bank Babukaji Thapa, Director of Birgunj-based Provincial Office Narayan Acharya, Manager of Simara Branch Raju Sah, Chairman of Jeetpur Simara Sub-Metropolis 2 Dhan Bahadur Shrestha and representatives of various organizations.

The Agriculture Development Bank was established in Simara on January 22, 2050 BS. The bank has been providing continuous service since its establishment.