Press Chautari Nepal Bara Has decided to support journalist Khatiwada



May 7, 2023 1:38 pm

Simara: Press Chautari Nepal Bara has decided to support journalist Ranjana Khatiwada with 15,500 rupees. The meeting held on Saturday of Chautari Bara decided to provide financial support to journalist Khatiwada, who is recovering after surgery for a tumor on her spinal cord.

Press Chautari Nepal Bara President Diwakar Bhandari has informed that the amount will be transferred from the relief fund established by Chautari Nepal Bara. President Bhandari informed that Khatiwada, who is recuperating at home, will be handed over the support amount.

Khatiwada, a district committee member of Chautari Bara, underwent tumor surgery in Kathmandu a month ago. After the operation, her condition is getting normal.