Commitment of journalists to raise the voice of marginalized communities.



June 6, 2023 12:21 pm

Simara: A one-day orientation program on media fellowship has been completed in Birgunj. An event about media Fellowship organized by Hamro Abhiyan Parsa in collaboration with Asia Foundation, USAID, STAND (Civil Society) has been completed.

In the program, there was an interaction with 10 journalists from Bara, Parsa and Rautahat districts. Participating journalists emphasized the need to raise the voices of the communities that have been neglected by the society.

The chief guest of the program, Anup Tiwari, President of Nepal Journalist Federation Parsa, said that it is very necessary for journalists to do investigative news in the future. Rather than political news, he asked the media to write about the victims of injustice and oppression. President Tiwari asked them to work on matters that will transform the society and in the area of ​​making citizens well-informed.

President of Dalit Women’s Development Nila Ram commented that the media is not properly addressing the problems within the Dalit community. She complains that the society becomes an obstacle for Dalits and women who want to move forward in the society. She said, ‘When women try to move forward, this society looks at them in a wrong way. Even if we try to do something, we can’t do it.”

In the program, social activist Prakash Tharu asked the journalists to raise issues such as distortions, anomalies, etc. in the society as there is an atmosphere in which the society can change a lot with the help of journalists. He also said that he solved many problems by gathering cooperation from everyone on the issues raised through journalism.

Hamro Abhiyan has selected 10 journalists from Bara, Parsa and Rautahat for fellowship. Salma Khatun, program officer of Hamro Abhiyan, informed about the purpose, process and content of the fellowship.

In order to enhance the capacity of ten journalists, trainers will also be arranged and facilitated. Shivnath Yadav, executive director of the campaign informed that 10 journalists should prepare 50 stories in 7 months.