Shivbaba Group of Jeetpur bringing ‘Madhuram’ brand rice to the market



February 23, 2024 5:50 pm

Simara: Jeetpur based Shivbaba Group, which has been dealing in paddy and rice for nearly two and a half decades, is now going to launch its own brand ‘Madhuram’ in the market. Shivbaba, who has built a steam rice mill with an investment of nearly 15 crores, is going to bring his own brand to the market.

A rice mill built in Jeetpur with the aim of producing sona and jeera rice has been inaugurated during a program. Owner of Shivbaba Group, Prayag Gupta inaugurated the mill by performing puja according to religious rituals.

With the inauguration of Steam Rice Mill, Shivbaba Group will produce and sell Madhuram brand of rice. Shivbaba Group, established in 1997, upgraded the business and built the mill. It is said that five tons of rice will be produced every hour from the said mill.

Local wholesalers can purchase rice from rice mills and distribute it. The group, which has been dealing in rice for a long time, has said that it will produce rice keeping in mind the health of the general public.