Violence on Social Site: Don’t hesitate, Raise your Voice !



January 28, 2022 12:23 pm

One morning the messenger’s notification rings. Looking at the message, it was a message from a distinguished person of the society, in which it was written ‘Good Morning’. I easily returned the morning greetings in the same style. As soon as the message came from there, I kept replying in the usual way. As a media person, I expected it to be a news-related topic, but the conversation ended in a simple conversation. Which I took for granted.

After finishing my work all day and eating dinner, I was about to go to bed, when the notification of the messenger rang again. The message was from the same person I had talked to in the morning. I replied easily. A few days ago, while conducting a program, he was participating in the program as a guest. That’s why there was no reason to ‘ignore’ his message. Being a respectable person, I answered the question politely and after some short conversation, the conversation ended.

The conversation with him was over, but now many questions began to arise in my mind. Of course, the conversation was nothing more than a formality. Even though I was already connected to face book, I met him directly in the same program, which I also attended as the host of the program. Since I had never spoken to him before, I took his every message seriously.

A few days later, the notification of his message came again. By responding to the face book story, it is written ‘Beautiful’. I returned the thanks. In a few moments, his answer came. Words like ‘versatile’ and ‘energetic’ began to be praised. At that time I felt uncomfortable. The words he wrote seemed to compliment me but I could not easily accept that compliment. Then I ended my speech by giving thanks. Then his message kept coming, which was different than I expected. I started ignoring his message.

A distinguished personality of the society, who is respected by the society and treated with respect. Because of the connection with communication, there was no reason for me to lose respect. But after a few days of short conversation, my attitude towards him changed. I may be wrong. But since I was not in a position to speak to him, I did not hesitate to make that decision. That’s when I put him in ‘Ignore list’ for me and for my self-respect.

Being in Ignore List, the notification of his message has stopped ringing on my mobile. He is just an example. This is not the first time such a message has been sent in Messenger. Some are acquaintances, some are strangers. But the decision to reply to any message is entirely mine. I am moving forward with my decision accordingly.

Why don’t you reply to the message in the messenger? Why not accept a friend request? Why is it difficult to speak? There are many such messages. Even a stranger has made a love proposal through messenger. But the decision as to how to take it is up to me. Therefore, it is more important to manage it properly than to take stress from unnecessary messages.

I would like to add a similar context. I have been working in radio, reading news and conducting programs. During the last eight years, I have been acquainted with many listeners, and intimacy with many has been growing.  But the message of one of the listeners has been coming to Messenger for a long time. The listeners were constantly talking on the phone during the program. But the message of one of the listeners has been coming to Messenger for a long time. The listeners were constantly talking on the phone during the program. Since we are not friends on Face book, I could not see the message in time. I felt sad and started reading his message from the beginning. But when I read to the end, he also expressed his anger that I did not see the message.

I took it easy, it was my fault. I could not read and reply to my listener’s message in time. But his last messages made me very uncomfortable to reply immediately and I was forced to leave. I wanted to return his reply with an apology, but after reading his message with outrage, I became speechless.

One day while conducting a program related to women, the same listener’s phone rang. He openly expressed his views on respect for women and similar issues. I was happy with his idea, I did not want to remember the message of the messenger at that time. The conversation ended. A few days later, he massaged her again. There was no politeness in the message, I was happy to talk about respect for women on the phone, but after reading his message, my mind became sad again. I did not respond immediately. That night he suddenly made a video call on messenger, which I did not receive.

After his call, many things started playing in my mind again. It is my personal freedom to reply or not to reply. But do you have to endure mental stress because you didn’t answer? I began to question myself. Didn’t find the answer. Of course, social media is a worldwide network. But that doesn’t mean everyone has to be connected. Rudeness cannot be accepted in the name of expanding relations.

Not only me, there are many colleagues who are facing the same problem. A female journalist working in a radio station shared her experience while talking about ‘online harassment’. Working in radio, she went to the market to buy clothes. When she reached a shop, the manager of the shop asked her if she works in radio. She answered yes.  The operator then took her mobile number for contact, saying that the advertisement of his shop should be played on the radio. By giving a number as there were issues related to radio, she returned home.

Shortly after reaching home, a message comes on her mobile saying ‘I love you’. She is surprised. It was the same shop operator who sent the message. After a while another message comes ‘I love you so much, I have been trying to talk to you for many days, today I got a chance’. After reading the message, she becomes speechless and ignores. The next day, a message arrives on her messenger, the shop manager sends the message and the marriage proposal comes in the message. “I really love you. I’ve talked in my house too. Everyone agrees. When will I come to ask you?”

After reading the message, she gets angry and calls him and scolds him after reaching the radio. She immediately blacklisted the shop manager. A few days later, the shop owner tried to threaten her with a death threat on Messenger. His threat made her panic. The shopkeeper sends her a picture of a severed hand and a severed head. She looks at the picture and is terrified. In the meantime, she decides to tell her parents about the incident.

After seeing all the messages sent by the shop owner, the parents encourage her and request her to relax. She is happy to return to her regular work after being told to continue working and ‘ignore’ such things. Since then, she has stopped caring about messages coming from different IDs.

While searching for a future in radio journalism, the pain she had to endure for some time was very sad and unnatural. We only understand physical violence as violence. But such activities on social media are also violent. Mentally harassing someone, this is violence, it should never be accepted, it is necessary to raise voice against it. Negative comments on social media, making rude messages, making a person’s personal life uncomfortable whether it is a man or a woman is also violence.

There is a lot of pain that women have to suffer in the workplace, how many come out and how many are oppressed. When raising a voice, the character is questioned. That is why women are forced to endure. But as long as voices are not raised against such activities, such activities will not end. Don’t hesitate to seek legal redress to get rid of the violence on social media and bring the perpetrators to justice.

A businesswoman recently went through a similar cybercrime. She sought legal help. Today, she is free from unnecessary stress. She is just an example. Women and men who have suffered because of cybercrime should not hesitate to seek legal help. Violence is unacceptable to anyone. Therefore, whether it is social media or violence in the workplace, the work of raising voice against it should start from oneself.

Social media is a medium through which every sector is benefiting. Social media is becoming a strong platform for many sectors including social, economic and business. Through this we are getting information and entertainment. It is becoming an easy way for those who do not have the opportunity to bring out their potential. Creative activities are taking place through social media. Social media is also becoming a means of empowerment. But for those who abuse more than good, this network is becoming a medium for cybercrime.