Allegation of sexual abuse of a minor girl against the ward president of Nijgadh



October 12, 2022 12:24 pm

Simara: A complaint has been filed against the ward chairman of Nijgadh Municipality Ward No. 2 for sexual abuse of a minor girl. The parents of the 16-year-old minor girl filed a complaint against the ward president at the police office of District in Nijgadh on Tuesday evening.

The girl’s mother reached the police office and filed a complaint against the ward president and mentioned that the incident took place on Asoj 19, on Tika day of Dashain. While filing a complaint, the girl along with her parents also went to the police office.

The girl’s mother has alleged that the ward president sexually abused the girl at 8:30 in the night of Dashain Tika. According to the victim’s family, the ward president had tried to sexually abuse her several times before and after forcing her to do sexual activities on the day of Tika, she filed a complaint for justice.

According to the victim’s parents, the girl and the niece of the neighboring ward president are childhood friends. On the Tika day of Dashain, the girl went to her house in the evening because the ward president’s niece called her to create a Tiktok ID on her new mobile phone. When the girl reached the ward president’s house, which was next to the house, her friend was not there. It is mentioned in the complaint that after not finding her friend in her room, the girl started calling her and at the same time, the ward president grabbed her from behind and took her to her room.

The report revealed that the Ward President left the girl after hearing the sound of her wife entering the house while he was engaged in sexual activities against her consent. According to the mother, the girl cried and told her that the ward president forcibly sexually abused her and then chose the legal route.

Police Inspector of District Police Office Nijgadh Sanjiv Oli said that a complaint has been registered against the Ward President in the office and based on the complaint, it appears that the girl was raped and the Ward President will be taken into custody and investigated.