Three party front in Kalaiya,  sign to reject the Congress



April 16, 2022 9:41 pm

Kalaiya: Although the ruling five-party alliance has adopted a policy of coordination and decision-making through local bodies, its implementation at the local level is becoming complicated.

While the central level of the alliance is working hard to make the mutual coordination effective, at the local level, the leaders and activists of the parties affiliated to the alliance are seen as opposed to the center.

The situation of the five parties, which are moving forward by preserving the alliance at the central level, is different in the districts. It is seen that the district will not accept the central alliance. In Jitpursimara, a few days after the Congress announced to contest the election alone, other parties besides the Congress have been seen in Kalaiya.

Out of the five-party alliance, three parties have announced to contest the election by holding a press conference on Thursday. The Janata Samajwadi Party, the CPN-Maoist Center and the CPN-Unified Socialists have announced to unite in the election by holding a press conference. Congress and Rastriya Janamorcha were not present at the press conference.

Although the five-party alliance has formulated a policy to resolve the issue through the Congress-led district level mechanism, the three parties have formed separate alliances in Kalaiya sub-metropolis. It has been informed in the press conference that the three parties will move forward together if there is coordination in the Congress alliance.

Chairman of JSP Kalaiya Nagar Shivnath Patel informed that the three parties have agreed to move ahead in the upcoming election by forming an alliance. Similarly, Chairman of the CPN-Maoist Center Mukesh Sah said that discussions were being held with other parties in the five-party alliance and it was decided to move forward together if the other parties did not come. CPN-S Municipal Chairman Arun Khanal said that a press conference was held to inform about the agreement reached between the three parties. Leaders and activists of the three parties including JSP leader Pramod Gupta, Ram Kishore Yadav and Dhruv Yadav of CPN-S were present at the press conference.

The other three parties in the district have merged after the central alliance signaled to give the leadership of the sub-metropolis in Kalaiya to the Nepali Congress. Congress had earlier won both the chief and deputy chief in Kalaiya sub-metropolis. Other parties have formed a separate front after it was decided to give the victory to the Congress.