Former king Gyanendra reached Musahar Basti



January 21, 2024 5:39 pm

Simara: Former King Gyanendra Shah has reached Musahar Basti located in Jeetpursimara Sub-Metropolitan City 6 on Saturday. Former King Shah, who has been in Simara for about two weeks, has reached the Musahar Basti with his family members.

Prabhu Shamsher Jabara and Raji Rana Charity handed over the slum to 20 families of Musahar community on Asoj 12th. The former king came to see the Slum built and handed over by members of the former royal family.

Former King Gyanendra was accompanied by his wife Komal, daughter Prerna and members of the former royal family. After entering the house built in the slum, the former royal couple had a friendly conversation with the citizens of Musahar community.

The youth of the Musahar community performed a cultural dance to welcome the former royal family. Earlier, the former royal couple was welcomed by the family members of all 20 houses living in the slum.

Meanwhile, lunch was arranged for the citizens living in the slums. The former king also went to see the dishes prepared for lunch. He was asking the villagers to eat.

The citizens of Musahar community were happy to welcome the former king to the slum. Prabhu Shamsher Jabara and Raji Rana Charitable has constructed and handed over the slums at a cost of more than five crores for 20 families who are living a miserable life in leaky houses.

There are 20 houses in the slum. A house built on seven acres of land has three rooms and each house is provided with a separate toilet and Handpump.